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It is safe to assume that we all know someone who knows someone who had a baby while being a teenager. However, it is possibly safe to , also, assume that in the near future it may be hard to find that someone.

According to the Pew Research Center, teen birth rates are at an all time low. These birth rates have been steadily decreasing over time.

The African American and Hispanic population, once, have the highest birth rates according to this 2012 chart. However, over the span of five years (2007-2012) the birth rates amongst these particular races have declined. Meanwhile, the Asian and White races have remained pretty steady. From this data, it is obvious that the decline in birth rates for the African American and Hispanic play a role in the decline across all races.

Source: Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Another interesting fact is that American Indian has almost 23% of the 2012 birth rate, and they have such a low rate in the United States population.

This information is surprising, as well as very informative for the nation.  It leaves a lot of questions, also. For example, “Why is there a decrease? Is there an increase in birth control usage or abortions? What does this mean for the future? Will teen pregnancy continue to decrease?”

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Police shootings are now a trending topic across America. These shootings are happening across cultures, and races. The Washington Post provides a detailed analysis of police shootings for the year 2017 to date.

This particular article is very explanatory. It provides a detailed explanation of each police shooting. The data currently has 311 small boxes. These small boxes provide details of each individual shooting. The details include state, name, age, race, mental illness, weapon, body camera, and whether or not the individual was fleeing the scene. At the top of this data there is a small search engine. This data provides an alternate view of the information. Most individuals believe police shootings are due to an excessive use of force; however, this data story provides details to each and every incident thus far.

The data story, also, supplies the previous year’s numbers. The numbers are great for comparison. The killings are listed in date order; therefore, it is easy for one to search for the amount of fatal shootings to date. The data story provides a graph which compares the shootings of 2015 to 2016. According to the graph, ” As of a week ago, there have been 7 fewer fatal shootings this year than at the same time last year.” This provides a great numerical comparison to the shootings last year and the shootings this year. It also specifies a specific time. It compares a week ago instead of as of yesterday.

Another great thing this article does is provide numerical information at the top of the current year’s data. For example, ” More than a third of the people shot and killed by police had fled from officers.” Secondly, the data story provides a map with an orange dot on where these shootings occur. Once one scrolls over a particular state the details provided are the amount of shootings per 1 million, and how many shootings have occurred in 2017. Lastly, the data story provides how this information is calculated.

This particular data story is impressive, and also very easy to follow. It provides a logical flow of information, and is very easy to follow.

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The Smokehouse


The Smokehouse, a restaurant located in Queens, New York gives the viewers and up close and personal view of the dishes. We are invited, and accommodated by Natassia Roberts, the current manager. She provides with details about the most popular dishes, and even allow us in on the restaurant’s famous jerk chicken. Roberts, also, shares her favorite dishes.


The experience was amazing. The restaurant is a very great staple in the St. Albans neighborhood of Queens. It provides authentic and flavorful Caribbean and Southern foods.

Check out the video



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Zeba Blay uses her photo series to highlight the beauty of Afro Brazilian women. She uses a variety of shots such a close-ups, and creative angles to emphasize the many different shades of beauty amongst the Brazilian community. She,also, uses a few medium shots to help illustrate the beauty of these women. The photo series provides a great window to the Afro-Latino community who has recently began to have pride in their community.

The pace of the story flows in a sense that all her photos are at the bottom,while her story is at the top. I, personally, believe her story could’ve flowed a lot better if she incorporated her photos in between her story. I, also, believe her pictures could’ve shown more of the women in the community. The photos are mostly posed, and doesn’t show a variety of women. I think her pictures would’ve been stronger if she used other women, and compared the “traditional” Latina woman to the Afro-Latina woman. I, also, think this photo series would’ve been a lot better if her pictures showed average women, and women on their day to day journey. I, personally, think she uses the first photo because this woman shows a rare idea of a Brazilian. Most individuals believe Latina women aren’t Black; therefore, the first picture she uses is of a dark skinned Black woman. She ends the series with a woman of fair skin. She, also, shows the different textures of hair amongst these women. Most people believe Brazilian women have long wavy hair, and she uses the photo of the woman with the afro to show that is not always the case.She doesn’t use any captions in her photo series, which I believe would be necessary. The captions could’ve been quotes about these women, or quotes on how it feels to be an Afro-Brazilian woman.

To sum up, Baley does an excellent job at showing the “other side” of the Brazilian woman.