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It is safe to assume that we all know someone who knows someone who had a baby while being a teenager. However, it is possibly safe to , also, assume that in the near future it may be hard to find that someone.

According to the Pew Research Center, teen birth rates are at an all time low. These birth rates have been steadily decreasing over time.

The African American and Hispanic population, once, have the highest birth rates according to this 2012 chart. However, over the span of five years (2007-2012) the birth rates amongst these particular races have declined. Meanwhile, the Asian and White races have remained pretty steady. From this data, it is obvious that the decline in birth rates for the African American and Hispanic play a role in the decline across all races.

Source: Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Another interesting fact is that American Indian has almost 23% of the 2012 birth rate, and they have such a low rate in the United States population.

This information is surprising, as well as very informative for the nation.  It leaves a lot of questions, also. For example, “Why is there a decrease? Is there an increase in birth control usage or abortions? What does this mean for the future? Will teen pregnancy continue to decrease?”


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